Principal Investigator:


3. Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B “Development of an activity-based model incorporating mid- to long-term social network data” 2020-2023, JPY 17,810,000 (Grant No.:20H02266)

2. Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B: “Development of a travel behavior model using multi-source social network data” 2017-2020, JPY 4,290,000 (Grant No.: 17K14737)

1. IBS Fellowship research grant: “The complete streets movement in USA: State of affairs and issues” 2016-2018, JPY 1,500,000

Research Collaborator:


1. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C: “A study on joint activity generating mechanisms” 2018-2021,  P.I. Noboru Harata, The University of Tokyo.  JPY  4,030,000 (Grant No.:18K04385)

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