Development of a travel behavior model using multi-source social network data

Survey Data

Social networks and travel behavior  (2018)

Social networks and travel behavior  (2019)

Research Output

Working papers

3. Troncoso Parady G,. Takami K., Harata N. “Personal networks and social interactions in the Greater Tokyo Area: An exploratory analysis” DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.30572.00649

2. 銭祺輝, TRONCOSO PARADY Giancarlos, 高見淳史, 原田昇: 同伴活動の実態と特徴に関する研究~「社会生活基本調査」を用いた分析~

1. Troncoso Parady G., “Development of an activity and social interaction model considering scheduling triggers, and scheduling time frames”

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