Development of an activity-based model incorporating mid- to long-term social network data

Survey Data

Panel data on travel behavior changes during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan (2020-2021)

Joint activity detection using Google maps location history data (2020)

Research Output

Working papers

1. Suzuki,K., Oyama, Y., Chikaraishi,M., Parady, G.: The effectiveness of using Google Maps Location History data to detect joint activities in social networks

Peer-reviewed journal articles

2. Parady, G., Taniguchi, A., Takami, K. (2020) Travel behavior changes during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan: Analyzing the effects of risk perception and social influence on going-out self-restriction. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives 7, 100181 (Open Access)

1. Parady G., Ory, D., Walker, J.  (2021) The overreliance on statistical goodness of fit and under-reliance on validation in discrete choice models: A review of validation practices in the transportation academic literature . Journal of Choice Modelling 38, 100257 (Open Access)

Conference presentations

1. Parady, G., Taniguchi, A., Takami, K. (2020) Analyzing Risk Perception and Social Influence Effects on Self-Restriction Behavior in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan: First Results. Presented at the 2nd Bridging Transport conference, August 11-12.

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