1.  Our research on the effects of seawalls on evacuation departure was featured in Reuters: Seawalls may give false sense of security during a tsunami

Awards & Honors


3. Research Encouragement Award: Kamijo, Y., Troncoso Parady, G., Takami, K. and Harata, N. (2018) “Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicle Spread Using Agent-Based Simulation” 38th Conference of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers

2. Best Paper Award, The City Planning Institute of Japan: Fujigaki, Y., Takami, K., Troncoso Parady, G. and Harata, N. (2017) ‘Metro-MaaS’, an Integrated Mobility Service Concept for Megacities: Concept Proposal and Demand Evaluation Aiming at Future Integration of Autonomous Demand-Responsive-Transit and Existing Public Transportation”

1. FY2014 City Planning Institute of Japan`s Promising Young Research Award for my Ph.D. Dissertation: Re-examining the Built Environment-Travel Behavior Connection: A Case Study of Japanese Cities.

Other random stuff


3. Our lab was featured in T-Time, a student magazine devoted to promote the School of Engineering.

2. Are Todai students tough?  Tokyo University Magazine Tansei Vol.29, September 2014 (I was interviewed for this magazine, you can read about it in pages 18-19. In Japanese only) you can find the English version here.

1. Student representative speech at The University of Tokyo`s fall semester matriculation ceremony, October 2011.

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